We are CatHealthy™ Champions!

It’s always kinder – and less expensive – to prevent your cat from developing health problems than it is to treat them. And from kitty’s purrspective, it is a whole lot nicer to not get sick in the first place! And, getting your cat to the vet can be a bit of a journey, making preventative care visits stressful for everyone. That’s where CatHealthy comes in.

At NOAH, our “CatHealthy Champions” have done special continuing education to learn the latest techniques to increase your cat’s comfort level with travelling to the clinic and helping them relax more once they arrive. We will work with you and your cat to prepare for each visit and set everyone up for success.

Before Your Appointment

Here are some steps you can take to help make the trip to the veterinarian less stressful for you and your cat:

  • Always transport your cat in a cat carrier – we have spare carriers at NOAH, so if you need to borrow one, please give us a call
  • Each cat should have its own carrier
  • The best carriers open from the top and can be taken apart so that the cat can remain in the bottom for most of the exam if they wish
  • Help the cat become accustomed to the carrier by leaving it open in the house and placing toys, treats or food inside
  • Place a soft, clean towel or familiar bedding in the bottom of the carrier
  • Spray the carrier with a “feel good” facial pheromone (e.g., Feliway) 10-15 minutes before travelling – we have this at NOAH and will give you some complimentary
  • Secure the carrier in the footwell of the back seat of the car to avoid movement during transportation and airbag injuries
  • When carrying the carrier, keep it stable and horizontal
  • Place a towel over the top of the carrier to help calm your cat and prevent other pets in the waiting room from making direct eye contact
  • For some kitties, we will dispense a complimentary, light sedative to be given before their visit.

During Your Appointment

When you arrive, you will be escorted directly from reception to our “Cat Only” exam room where we have a diffuser of “feel good” pheromones going and cozy towels, so your kitty feels more at home on our exam table. Our doctors are skilled at doing gentle yet effective, physical exams.

Because you play an active role in your cat’s healthcare, it’s important to tell your veterinarian about anything that may affect healthcare decisions. Make a list of your concerns and consider the following questions as well:

  • Have you noticed any changes in your cat since your last visit?
  • Does your cat go outside or have contact with any other animals?
  • Does your cat go to boarding facilities or the groomer?
  • Are there any other pets in the home?
  • Are there people with compromised immune systems in the home?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your cat’s behaviour or temperament?
  • Has your cat urinated or defecated somewhere in the house other than in the litter box?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your cat’s appetite or weight?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your cat’s water consumption?
  • Does your cat have trouble chewing or have bad breath?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your cat’s activity level?
  • Is your cat more vocal?

We are dedicated to being a feline-friendly hospital! Please give us a call at 905-257-3700 if we can help you prepare ahead of your visit and discuss your concerns with our team.

For more information and resources, click HERE to visit the CatHealthy website.