Bloodwork is a routine part of a pet’s healthcare routine. Whether your furry friend is 100% healthy, has an illness, or is about to undergo surgery, blood sampling provides us with important information about their health. Give us a call at 905-257-3700 if you would like to learn more about our bloodwork services for pets. 

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Why do pets need bloodwork?

As you know, getting bloodwork done is a key part of our healthcare as humans. They are even more important for pets because unlike us, they cannot communicate precisely how they are feeling. Analyzing samples of their blood provides your veterinarian with insight into multiple aspects of your pet’s health. This can be useful for all patients – young and old, healthy and ill. For example, bloodwork provides us with baseline levels for comparison later on as your pet grows and if they ever become diagnosed with certain conditions. These diagnostics also indicate how your pet’s organs are functioning, the state of their immune system, and any underlying health conditions they may have. 

What types of blood tests are done on pets?

A Complete Blood Count (CBC) is one of the most common types of blood sampling we do on our patients during routine checkups, disease diagnosis or pre-operation exams. A CBC can show us details about the patient’s hydration levels, immune system responsiveness, as well as conditions like anemia and infection.

Do pets need to fast before bloodwork?

Ideally, we prefer if patients fast for approximately 10 hours before their bloodwork. That being said, sampling can be performed on the spot. This usually happens when doctors are trying to diagnose a condition. Rest assured we will provide you with all the instructions you need so you come prepared for your pet’s diagnostics, as well as any other type of scheduled treatment they have at our practice.

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