Even for the most eagle-eyed owners, it’s impossible to monitor pets 24/7. Getting separated from your pet – be it in crowded public areas, or even from your own home – is a possibility. Pets have a natural instinct to roam around and explore. Fortunately, microchips increase your chances for a happy reunion should your pet get lost. Call us today to learn how these devices can protect your pet and give you peace of mind. 

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What does it mean if a pet is microchipped?

This means that they have a microchip inside their body, usually on the neck just underneath their skin. The microchip has your contact information, as well as key details about your pet’s health (e.g. if they have allergies, diabetes and other health issues). If your pet ever gets lost, the chip can be scanned by animal shelters/clinics who find them. Once they scan the chip, they can retrieve your information and get in touch with you. 

Are microchips safe for pets?

Yes. The devices are made with materials compatible with your pet’s body. They are designed to last all throughout your pet’s life. The procedure to get microchipped is also relatively painless. For your pet, it will feel like they are getting just another injection. 

How can I update the info on my pet’s microchip?

Simply let us know during an in-person consultation. We can update your details for you. It’s important to let us know ASAP of any changes to your phone number and address so the information in the chip is always up-to-date. 

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