When it comes to our patient’s health, we believe collaboration is key. From time to time, we will seek the expertise of our colleagues in other hospitals. This usually happens for complex cases that require the unique skills of a veterinary specialist. On the other hand, some clinics also reach out to us on occasion to treat their patients. For more details on our veterinary referral service, please don’t hesitate to call us at 905-257-3700.

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What happens when my pet is referred to another vet?

We will forward your pet’s medical history and information in advance. Your pet’s primary vet will also have a chance to touch base with the new team that will be handling their case. Unless otherwise instructed, there is usually no need for you to bring anything else with you during your scheduled appointment with that team. Once your pet’s issue/treatment course has been resolved with that team, you can “return” to us and we will take care of maintenance and other aspects of your pet’s healthcare moving forward. 

Who do I call to schedule appointments with?

Until your pet’s case is resolved, you will be corresponding with the referral team. They will be reaching out to you to schedule appointments with them. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please feel free to contact them directly. You do not need to notify us beforehand. 

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