Weight Management

These days, it is actually quite common for pets to carry some extra weight. Although it might make them extra cute and cuddly, being overweight can cause serious problems for them in the long run. We find that for many owners, it is difficult to notice that their pet has a weight issue. This may be because they see their pets so frequently, and do not notice weight-related changes to their appearance. This is why regular exams along with weight management treatments are so important. Whether your pet needs to lose or gain a few pounds, with our help, you can help them achieve a healthier weight in a safe manner. Call us today at 905-257-3700 to learn more. 

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Why is my pet gaining weight?

On the surface, giving your pet too many treats, large portions and not taking them on enough walks may be the cause of their weight gain. There may be other underlying health reasons like pregnancy, parasites, side effects to medications, hypothyroidism, diabetes and stress. Your safest bet is to consult with our team, so we can properly diagnose the reason behind your pet’s weight gain (or weight loss). 

How can I help my pet lose weight?

During a consultation with our team, we can help you create a weight loss plan specifically tailored to your pet’s medical situation (e.g. if they are senior age, have any pre-existing conditions) and your lifestyle (e.g. how much time you can allot towards exercise with your pet, which feeding type/schedule is best for you). Most weight management plans consists of changes such as reducing your pet’s caloric intake, rewarding them with fun instead of treats, as well as introducing foods rich in fiber, carbs and protein. Exercise routines will vary. For example, if your pet has joint issues, we may recommend low impact exercises like swimming. If your pet is young and generally healthy, we may recommend brisk walking and running. Frequency and duration will also vary from patient to patient.

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