Emma Martinez

Veterinary Technician

Hello, I’m Emma, though you might also catch me responding to Emmie or Em. Fresh from Sheridan College with a degree in Veterinary Technology, my journey spans from the vibrant landscapes of Venezuela to the serene vibes of Edmonton, Alberta, and now Oakville.

Growing up amidst nature instilled in me a deep passion for animals, which eventually led me back to my roots after initially pursuing a marketing degree and discovering my true calling wasn’t behind a desk. Now, as a proud member of the NOAH team, I’m eager to embark on my journey as a Vet Tech, fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a commitment to fostering a fear-free environment for every furry friend who walks through our doors.

Professionally, I’m particularly drawn to the realms of nutrition and creating spaces where pets feel safe and loved.

Beyond the clinic walls, you’ll find me indulging my creative side with watercolor painting and crafting plush toys through crochet. And to balance it all, I’m an avid weightlifter and nature enthusiast, often found trekking through scenic trails.

In the cozy corners of my personal life resides Pandora, my mischievous mini lop rabbit, whose cuddles have been my saving grace during long study sessions and a constant reminder of the boundless joy pets bring into our lives.