Victoria Collins

Veterinary Technician

Raised against the backdrop of Arizona and Texas, Victoria developed a deep appreciation for animals from an early age. Growing up with both large and small companions like horses and dogs and in a household rooted in the healthcare field, she combined the two and cultivated her interest in veterinary medicine, which led her to pursue studies at Sheridan College. She recently graduated as a new veterinary technician.
Currently embarking on her professional journey, Victoria is particularly drawn to surgical procedures where her attention to detail and commitment to animal welfare shine through.
Outside of her veterinary tasks, Victoria finds joy in culinary arts, exploring the realms of cooking and baking with creative flair. She also enjoys the meditative art of crocheting, finding relaxation and creativity in every stitch. The best part of her day is cuddling with her American Bully, Jaxx. He always provides comfort at the best of times.
Driven by a profound love for animals and a dedication to their well-being, Victoria’s goal is to make a meaningful impact in the field of veterinary medicine, combining technical skills with genuine compassion for every patient under her care.