Here at NOAH, we are here for you through whatever medical emergency your pet may experience. Our veterinarians are well versed in heart disease and other conditions related to the cardiovascular system. Senior pets as well as those born with certain genetic conditions are more likely to develop these types of symptoms. With our help, you will have peace of mind that your pet will receive the proper care they need. Call 905-257-3700 today.

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How can I stop my pet from developing heart problems?

Although some heart conditions cannot be prevented due to genetics and other factors, there are certain lifestyle practices you can adapt to minimize your pet’s risk. For example, it is always a good idea to keep your pet at a healthy weight, as obesity is a major risk factor for developing heart disease. Proper diet and exercise is important in not only preventing heart disease, but other health problems from developing. Regular checkups with the vet (1 to 2 times per year) is also vital. This will allow us to detect problems early on, to minimize the impact on your pet’s quality of life.  

How is heart disease treated in pets?

After your pet is assessed and diagnosed, the veterinarian will develop a personalized treatment plan. Here at NOAH, we take a customized approach to all our patients taking into account their unique situation. Your pet’s therapy may include a combination of the following: 

  • Dietary changes which may include supplements, feeding schedules, etc. 
  • Surgical intervention to repair complications such as torn heart valves 
  • Prescription drugs to alleviate the symptoms that come with heart disease (e.g. irregular heartbeat, lung fluid buildup)
  • Physical rehabilitation via laser, massage, etc. 

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