Like bloodwork, urine sampling and other diagnostics, X-rays are an important tool we use to provide the best care possible for our patients. Unlike us, pets cannot explain their symptoms, which is why these technologies are of the utmost importance. X-rays are completely non-invasive and cause zero pain for furry friends. For more details, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 905-257-3700

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Are X-rays safe for pets?

Yes. We use Digital X-rays, which emit far less radiation than other X-rays. (That being said, regular X-rays are still 100% safe for pets.) With Digital X-rays, the vet can give you the results much faster, as the scans go directly to a laptop instead of being printed on a film. They also produce higher quality images. It is completely painless for the patient. Sometimes, if the patient is anxious or does not like to be held down during the scan, we may sedate them. This way, they will not need to go through any unnecessary stress. Most patients, however, undergo their exams wide awake with no trouble at all. 

Why will my pet need an X-ray?

We use X-rays to look inside your pet’s body, particularly at solid or hard structures like their bones and certain organs. X-rays may be conducted if your pet has a broken bone, tumour, bladder stones or if they have accidentally swallowed an item – which is a very common occurrence! They help the vet diagnose your pet’s condition so they can take the necessary course of action to get them feeling better. 

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