Undergoing surgical procedures is a natural part of a cherished pet’s lifelong medical routine. With new techniques and tools such as endoscopies, procedures are as minimally invasive as possible. To learn more about how we use endoscopy for our patients, please don’t hesitate to call us at 905-257-3700.

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What is an endoscopy?

An endoscopy involves the use of an endoscope – a long flexible tube with a camera at the end to look inside your pet’s body. It is used during the diagnosis period (for closer examination, to retrieve biopsies) and during active surgeries. 

What are the benefits of endoscopies for pets?

As with other less invasive alternatives, endoscopies mean faster recovery time with minimal pain for the patient. It means no incisions are needed (depending on the exact condition being treated or the exact procedure being conducted). It can also allow for a quicker and more accurate surgery, especially when used in combination with other techniques. (The surgeon will have a clear view of your pet’s internal organs through the camera in the endoscope.)

What conditions can endoscopies treat?

The procedure can be used for a wide variety of health issues such as tumours, ulcers, celiac disease, inflammation and other blockages in your pet’s system. It is mainly used when the vet is diagnosing your pet’s condition, to take a closer look inside their body. 

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