Tiffany Stringer

Client Care Representative

Tiffany started her journey into animal care in 2017. She started by volunteering at the Hamilton Burlington SPCA which led to the opportunity to work in a veterinary clinic. Tiffany has always had a passion for animal care but one aspect kept her from following her dream early on – the end-of-life process. Working in veterinary medicine, Tiffany learned that it is not something to fear. She now takes extra care to make the process as comforting and as special as the pet and their owner(s) deserve.

Tiffany joined the NOAH team in 2022. She is happy to have joined an animal care team that encourages her desire for growth and learning. Tiffany is always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge of animal care. She is Fear Free certified and has completed multiple courses on nutrition.

Tiffany understands the strength of the human-animal bond and she hopes every pet owner feels their pet is deeply cared for by its veterinary team. In her downtime, Tiffany enjoys hiking the trails or attending dog festivals across the GTA with her husband, and two dogs – Jaxx and Clover.